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Media Rehab - III & IV


Phase III: Media Rehab

 What happens in Media Rehab?

From the Daily Rehab Slips you have received during the Pre-Media Rehab days you know the average number of hours they have watched. From the above chart (how to calculate Media Rehab weeks) look at the week program they would fall into.

 Assuming kid/s watch more than the prescribed time on any day during that week they have to make up the time within that week. At the end of the week if they exceed their prescribed quota of watching hours they would lose twice the hours during the next week.

In the above example, assuming Jimmy watches five hours on day one of the first week, he has to make up one hour the next day or any day during that week. At the end of the week assuming if he clocks more than the 28 hours he is allowed, he will lose two hours from the next week’s quota. Meaning he can clock only 19 hours during week two. The fear of losing twice the time next week would enforce some discipline in viewing habits.


In the Media Rehab program the Blue Hawk has to discuss what kid/s have written on the white slip each day and question them if they are exceeding their time or violating the rating system. Talk to them about how they can avoid multimedia. Help them engage in other activities like gardening, book reading, pottery, cooking, indoor/outdoor sports or any thing your child would be interested.

 Let me summarize the penalties for violations: 

1.       Non-submission of Daily Rehab Slips during Pre-Media Rehab and Media Rehab days: No media entertainment the next day. Irrespective of all other penalties this rule stays;

2.       Program Rating Violation: No watching for next two consecutive days in both Pre-Rehab and Media Rehab days;

3.       During Media Rehab days: If they over shoot on the prescribed time during the week, twice the viewing time would be taken out from the next week.


Phase IV: Post-Media Rehab

This is the testing time. Kids have to continue with their one hour a day multimedia time for the next 30 days. The previous 60 days effort would go to waste if we don’t strictly enforce the rules for the 30 days after the Media Rehab. It works the same way as Media Rehab and the same rules apply. Kids should continue to give the Daily Rehab slips and stick to less than one hour of multimedia per day.

Find ways to utilize the free time and get innovative on this. Ask your kid/s how he/she wishes to be engaged.

Exception to the above Rule:

Some very important events, such as the Olympics, key sports; national events or educational subjects are counted outside the above-prescribed hours in Media Rehab Phases II to IV.

Only Blue Hawk or substitute Blue Hawk has the option to decide which programs are key events that kids should watch. Kids have the choice to present their case to Blue Hawk as to why this program is a national and key event to be watched outside their predetermined schedule. But, the final decision is that of Blue Hawk.

Similarly the Media Rehab schedule does not apply to surfing the Internet for their projects/homework or for learning. Blue Hawk has to monitor this.

What Happens After Post-Media Rehab? 

If the kid/s have lived through this 90-day program and have done well, it means they can restrain themselves from watching/playing multimedia. That is good. It is strongly suggested to encourage them on hobbies or some projects the whole family can get involved.

Parents themselves should exercise restraint on watching television, movies or videogames; it will help kid/s a lot.

 What can Parents do?

a. Watch what your kids watch/hear.
b. Say 'NO' to any content you think objectionable.
b. Move all media to living room - Move TV, Video game and others and discourage personal entertainment systems in children rooms
c. Limit Multimedia time to two hours per day - Max.
d. Setup 'Media Rehab' at home and use the 'Media Rehab Tool' to help children get out of current media trap.


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Did You Know

*US Surgeon General has Placed TV violence controversy in the same context as smoking and lung cancer?

*The average 12 year old has seen 8000 murders and 100,000 act of violence on network television?

* It is estimated the average child see more than 20,000 commercial every year-that works out to 55 commercials per day.

* Kids marketing experts estimate that children under 12 influence family purchases exceeding $500 billion.


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