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 Children need help to walk out of Media Trap. Parents can help them with 'Media Rehab' Tool kit.

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Blue Hawk


Blue Hawk is the monitor who co-ordinates the Media Rehab program. Discipline and will power in Blue Hawk is the key to the success of this program.

Anyone in the family over 19 years of age can be Blue Hawk. The only required qualification is that they should create a record of not watching the TV or any multimedia for more than one hour a day from the day Media Rehab program is announced to support the kids morally. In the above example the Blue Hawk will stick to the one-hour rule a day from June 1st to August 30th.  This will instill some confidence in the Blue Hawk (himself/herself) to effectively monitor the kids in the Media Rehab program. This is the only required qualification.

The selection of Blue Hawk is a key component to the success of the program. Let us make this an enjoyable family event. Blue Hawk should be someone in the family kids love to listen to and are willing to work with. Blue Hawk is not strict enforcer. He or she is a friend willing to help kids in breaking their heavy media habits. Someone, kids can come to with a problem and who has the time and patience to listen to and talk to them.

Around the same time we should also select one or two backup Blue Hawks. Blue Hawk also has the right to designate someone who he considers fit to be a substitute Blue Hawk. He could even appoint one of the disciplined senior kid/s to act in his absence.

The average life of a Media Rehab program is 90 days, weekends included and works on the time line mentioned in previous chapter.

The key responsibility of the Blue Hawk is to ensure that kids get all the help during pre-rehab days and support in breaking the habit during Rehab and Post-Rehab days. The best thing to do is to ask the children to indicate their choice of Blue Hawk. It could be an elder brother or sister, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or any senior member of the family. Once Blue Hawk is chosen, he/she is directly responsible for the success of this program.

 What can Parents do?

a. Watch what your kids watch/hear.
b. Say 'NO' to any content you think objectionable.
b. Move all media to living room - Move TV, Video game and others and discourage personal entertainment systems in children rooms
c. Limit Multimedia time to two hours per day - Max.
d. Setup 'Media Rehab' at home and use the 'Media Rehab Tool' to help children get out of current media trap.


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Did You Know

*US Surgeon General has Placed TV violence controversy in the same context as smoking and lung cancer?

*The average 12 year old has seen 8000 murders and 100,000 act of violence on network television?

* It is estimated the average child see more than 20,000 commercial every year-that works out to 55 commercials per day.

* Kids marketing experts estimate that children under 12 influence family purchases exceeding $500 billion.


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