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 Children need help to walk out of Media Trap. Parents can help them with 'Media Rehab' Tool kit.

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Media Rehab - Zero Cost


You have heard of Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab. This is TV (and videogames, movies and other multimedia) Rehab. We have the research to support that media watching is addictive and that it is difficult to break the habit.  Media Rehab is the answer.

Media Rehab will help make your kids aware that they are spending too much time on media. Drilling the logic of Media Rehab into young minds is very important. 

One of the solutions to our problem is breaking their multimedia habits. This is tough thing to do but let us try this experiment. The following step-by-step account will help you set up the plan (please give me feed back on how we can improve this):

Announce the Media Rehab plan:

Tell your kid/s today that you are setting up a Media Rehab at home. Tell them that the main objective of Media Rehab is to bring down the number of hours they spend on multimedia. Tell them about the available research on media watching. Give them copies of the research reports if they can read or explain them the concept. Assure your support and willingness to help.

Divide the program into four phases: 

1.       Phase I: First 15 days Debate and discuss the violent content in the media

2.       Phase II: Next 15 days Pre-Media Rehab

3.       Phase III: Next 30 days Media Rehab

4.       Phase IV: Next 30 days Post-Media Rehab

The total program runs for 90 days. The first 15 days are centered around discussion, the next 15 days pre-rehab, the next 30 days Rehab (depending upon the kids rating) and the last 30 days Post-rehab.

Let me take you through this program with an example and imaginary time line for clarity. Assuming you wish to start your Media Rehab program on June 1.

Your schedule would look like this:



June 01   to June 15

Debate/Discussion on violence in multimedia

June 16   to June 30

Pre-Media Rehab

July 01   to July 30

Media Rehab

Aug 01   to Aug 30

Post-TV Post-Rehab

 It is strongly suggested that the whole family supports the program by restraining themselves from watching the TV as much as possible. Before we proceed further we need to bring in Blue Hawk

 What can Parents do?

a. Watch what your kids watch/hear.
b. Say 'NO' to any content you think objectionable.
b. Move all media to living room - Move TV, Video game and others and discourage personal entertainment systems in children rooms
c. Limit Multimedia time to two hours per day - Max.
d. Setup 'Media Rehab' at home and use the 'Media Rehab Tool' to help children get out of current media trap.


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Did You Know

*US Surgeon General has Placed TV violence controversy in the same context as smoking and lung cancer?

*The average 12 year old has seen 8000 murders and 100,000 act of violence on network television?

* It is estimated the average child see more than 20,000 commercial every year-that works out to 55 commercials per day.

* Kids marketing experts estimate that children under 12 influence family purchases exceeding $500 billion.


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