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First Step -What will I Say?


‘I have something very important to say. Guys I need your attention for the next ten minutes. I am sure you think that I am from the old school and not capable of understanding the present track you people are in. I do agree with you, because I thought so too when I was your age. But, I need to have this talk. This is not about a problem specific to you guys. Most American kids face this issue today. But, let us think about what we can do in our family first.

'What concerns me most nowadays is the amount of violence in multimedia and its impact on you guys. You probably think that you have no problem with multimedia, but the best medical and physiological minds in the country think otherwise. I have been reading some reports that disturb me and disturb me a lot. Allow me to explain this.

‘AAP is one of the countries premier health association dedicated to the well being of children and adolescents. This report talks about media violence and its association with physical, mental health problem, depression, fear, nightmares, sleep disturbances, aggressive behavior and the desensitization of children. That is lot for you and me to handle and it is very serious. I have some other reports that I want you guys to read and come back to me with your thoughts.[i][i]

‘These documents are sufficient proof for me to conclude that programs with violent content on television, videogames, music videos and movies are not good for your health, body and mind. So we have some work to do together. I know you are global problem solvers and let us put that skill to work. Are you guys with me?’  

Anything similar should do. Offer your help. Tell them you are willing to work with them to get them out of media trap. I would talk to them about other research data available in previous pages and impress on them the need for concern. If they can read and understand, give them this book or ask them to visit our website www.runagainstmediaviolence.com.

I would strongly encourage them to take it up as project and come back with more information for discussion. It is probably a good idea to fix a weekly meeting to discuss new facts they might come up with as you go along. Offer them incentives for the good job or contributions done on this project. Their cooperation and involvement is the’ key’. Spend time with them, read and talk to them on the subject. This is very crucial phase for the success of the project. Involving them at this stage would help easy implementation of the FIVE GOLDEN RULES.

 What can Parents do?

a. Watch what your kids watch/hear.
b. Say 'NO' to any content you think objectionable.
b. Move all media to living room - Move TV, Video game and others and discourage personal entertainment systems in children rooms
c. Limit Multimedia time to two hours per day - Max.
d. Setup 'Media Rehab' at home and use the 'Media Rehab Tool' to help children get out of current media trap.


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Did You Know

*US Surgeon General has Placed TV violence controversy in the same context as smoking and lung cancer?

*The average 12 year old has seen 8000 murders and 100,000 act of violence on network television?

* It is estimated the average child see more than 20,000 commercial every year-that works out to 55 commercials per day.

* Kids marketing experts estimate that children under 12 influence family purchases exceeding $500 billion.


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