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 Children need help to walk out of Media Trap. Parents can help them with 'Media Rehab' Tool kit.

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This is a very important phase of the program. You need to talk to your children about it.

The best way to start would be to introduce the subject during weekend lunch or dinner. Ask your kid/s something like: Do you think there is a lot of violence in videogames? Kids know there is lot of violence in videogames and should be able to keep talking about it for some time.

Keep touching on the subject in a variety of different ways. Asking them: Do you think that movie is too violent for kids?  Do you think some of the cartoon programs are too violent for you guys? Try switching off the TV and saying that the program is too violent and that you are sick and tired of this violent content. Donít forget only you can set a good example for your kid/s.

When you introduce the subject for the first time, kids are likely to eagerly pick it up as a subject for discussion, however when you bring it up again and again they may sense something in the air and become little touchy about the subject. That is the time to get serious about the issue.

 What can Parents do?

a. Watch what your kids watch/hear.
b. Say 'NO' to any content you think objectionable.
b. Move all
media to living room - Move TV, Video game and others and discourage personal entertainment systems in children rooms
c. Limit Multimedia time to two hours per day - Max.
d. Setup 'Media Rehab' at home and use the 'Media Rehab Tool' to help children get out of current media trap.


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Did You Know

*US Surgeon General has Placed TV violence controversy in the same context as smoking and lung cancer?

*The average 12 year old has seen 8000 murders and 100,000 act of violence on network television?

* It is estimated the average child see more than 20,000 commercial every year-that works out to 55 commercials per day.

* Kids marketing experts estimate that children under 12 influence family purchases exceeding $500 billion.


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